‘Not all Colombians are whores or narcos’

Despite portraying a drug trafficker’s wife in TV series “Las muñecas de la mafia,” Colombian actress Amparo Grisales criticizes the perception of her country as full of “whores” and drug traffickers in an interview with Spanish People magazine.

“Although the drug problem is something that can’t be hidden, you can’t say that we are all like that, in Colombia we are not all whores or narcos,” the 52-year-old Colombian diva said.

“In Colombia there are more good people than bad, and not just in Colombia, but in the world,” the veteran actress continued.

Grisales, who has a 30 year career and some 20 telenovelas under her belt, stars in “Las muñecas de la mafia,” a series about the luxurious lives of women who live with drug traffickers, which screens on Telefutura in the U.S.

The curvaceous Colombiana said she doesn’t think that television shows such as “Las muñecas de la mafia” create a negative perception of Colombia, but instead provide a realistic portrayal of the situation.

“I think that is a bit of an retrograde mentality, it’s like saying for example that everyone in the United States is part of the mafia because of movies about Al Capone or the ‘The Sopranos’ series, and it’s not like that,” Grisales said.

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