NGO: Colombian IG disregards sexual and reproductive rights

Women’s rights NGO, Women’s Link Worldwide, on Thursday filed an official complaint to the Colombian Supreme Court against Inspector General Alejandro Ordoñez for failing to “recognize sexual and reproductive rights as part of human rights,” reported El Espectador.

According to a spokesperson for the organization, lawyer Monica Roa, Ordoñez has shown disregard for the more complex aspects of civil rights – in particular those of a sexual nature – and that this disregard was made clear through the official’s treatment of recurring topics of discussion, such as abortion.

“The Inspector General is unaware that sexual and reproductive rights are human rights and therefore are part of his mandate. The Constitution demands that the Inspector General guarantee all human rights, not just the ones he thinks are worth respect,” said Roa.

The NGO spokesperson referred to the decision made by Ordañoz to initiate prosecution procedures against a clinic found to be practicing abortion, in spite of its adherence to Colombia’s 2006 law allowing the procedure in special circumstances.

Roa also criticized the appointment of Ilva Miryam Hoyos as the Inspector General’s elected delegate for children and adolescents, due to the official’s history of opposition to the decriminalization of abortion.

“The Inspector General’s Office is closely linked to organizations and individuals who are still currently actively causing reversals of progress on sexual and reproductive rights,” said Roa.

“It is no secret that the lawyer is abusing his position and in breach of its fundamental functions.”

Investigations will open into the conduct of the Inspector General and the accusations of the women’s rights NGO.

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