New documentary honors Latinos in the US

New documentary “The Latino List,” directed by U.S. Photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, pays homage to Latinos and Latin culture in the United States.

The documentary features Colombian actor John Leguizamo, Mexican-American engineer and astronaut Jose Moreno Hernandez, Supreme Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor who hails from Puerto Rico, and Cuban-American reggaeton legend Armando Christian Perez, known to most as Pitbull.

The documentary will premiere September 28 on HBO Latino at 9PM, and September 29 on HBO at 8PM. It will also be part of a multimedia exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum in New York that features portrait photographs of popular Latinos in the U.S and will be on display until December 11, 2011.

Greenfield-Sanders explains his connection with Latino communities in the U.S.; “I grew up in Miami, so I grew up thinking ‘Latino’ was Cuban. Then I went to college [at Columbia University in New York] and ‘Latino’ was Puerto Rican. And then I went to grad school in California and it was Mexicans…so in my mind, ‘Latino’ has been evolving as a concept and I don’t think most Americans know the wealth of accomplishment.”

“This is a difficult time for Latinos in the United States. The population has increased and there is an attack against them,” said Greenfield-Sanders, who has featured Latinos in his portrait photography and new documentary as a way to confront and overcome prejudices facing their communities.

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