Suspension for mayors related to Congress candidates

In an effort to ensure transparency in the upcoming congressional elections on March 14, Colombia’s Electoral Council ordered local mayors who have family members running for office to appoint temporary replacements for election day.

Following article 179 of the Colombian constitution, “those who have ties through marriage or permanent union, or who have a blood relationship, or a civil union, with officials who exercise civil or political authority” cannot be elected to Congress, W Radio reported.

An official from the Electoral Council explained to Caracol Radio that mayors play an important role in guaranteeing fair electoral processes during elections, and that they hold one of the “three keys” that guard the electoral process.

As a result, in order for certain congressional candidates to be legally elected, the mayors of Bogota, Cali, Armenia, Monteria and Tulua, all who have familiar ties to specific candidates, will have to step down from their respective posts before the start of the election.

The officials will be able to return to their positions after the elections have finished.

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