Natalia Paris seeks new challenges in Spain

Natalia Paris, widely considered one of Colombia’s
sexiest models, now lives in Madrid, Spain, and is seeking new challenges for her career and private life.

One year ago, Natalia Paris said “I’m leaving” and she left together with her husband Juan Alfonso “El Gato” Baptista and her daughter Mariana to Europe.

The model did not care that she did not have any specific job proposals. She now spends her time as a housewife, wife and mother, El Tiempo reported Monday. 

“It is a very enriching experience for all three [of us]. I want to dedicate myself to my family. We see this as an excellent opportunity to travel and learn, to visit museums and to share much. I want to study hard”, the model said.

The sexy paisa is looking for a break of modeling and seeks a new career in acting.

Last year, Natalia Paris participated in the movie “En Coma” directed by Juan David Restrepo in Medellin. She is also negotiating a role in Manolo Cardona’s movie called “The Black and the Barbarian”.

Natlia says she is passionate about theater and movies but still has a long way to go.

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