Bogota lawmaker apologizes for referring to lesbians as ‘sluts’

Jorge Duran (Photo: Primicia Diraio)

A Bogota councillor who is facing criminal charges for referring to lesbians as “sluts” apologized Wednesday and said he should not have used that word.

Bogota city council member Jorge Duran is facing criminal charges after his slur against “women who don’t like men” in a council session.

MORE: Bogota politician faces criminal charges after calling lesbians ‘sluts’

Duran apologized to those offended but reiterated not having used the word “lesbians.” The councilman told Colombian radio station Blu Radio that the “oratory devil betrayed him.”

“My mistake was to say slut,” Duran said in the interview with Blu radio. “When I realized I had made that big mistake of saying that word I apologized the same day it occurred, which was Sunday”.

According to the Liberal Party councillor he was only joking when stating that he preferred to share car with a woman who likes men. “I meant it as a funny thing,” Duran explained.

Duran used the occasion to defend another discriminatory comment he had made in an earlier council session.

The polemic politician told the radio station that “niggers’ feast” is a word in the dictionary of Real Academia. According to the councillor he has many black friends in Bogota who, “are not offended by what I said, they even use the expression”.

Admitting that he had made a mistake Duran said, “I am a human being, we all make mistakes (…) If I were intelligent I would not be in this position.”


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