‘Music takes the pain away’: Shakira dedicates Grammy to Latin musicians (video)

Newly-crowned “Person of the Year” and Colombian pop darling, Shakira, wins best female vocal album at the 12th Latin Grammys Thursday in Las Vegas, which she dedicates to Latin musicians everywhere, for their ability to take away the pain in the world with their music.

The other two important Colombian artists to be honoured at the event were Juan Carlos Coronel and Alex Campos. Singer Alex Campos won in the category of best christian album with “Language of love” while Juan Carlos Coronel won best cumbia vallenato album with “Tesoros.”

Pop superstar turned philanthropist Shakira was all smiles when she received her award, especially as it was presented by her old friend from her home town of Baranquilla, actress Sofia Vergara.

The two Colombian beauties were visibly excited to be sharing the moment, with Shakira exclaiming, “Sofia! What better than receiving the Grammy from Sofia! We lived very close to each other in Baranquilla, that’s what the people don’t know.”

Despite only winning in one of the categories for which she was nominated, Shakira said of the award, “this is without a doubt one of the most important moments in my life, and maybe the most beautiful recognition I’ve ever received. I feel happy and most of all very honoured to share this with you all.”

The big winner of the event was Puerto Rican band Calle 13, who went home with 9 Grammys, winning in all but one of the categories for which they were nominated. Their heart felt song “Latinoamerica,” which features legendary Colombian vocalist Toto la Momposina won both song of the year and recording of the year.

Shakira dedicated her award to her colleagues in the Latin Music industry, “because with their voices and their music they cure all our problems, make us forget all our pain and give meaning to Latin music.”

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