More teenage girls fall victim to Ouija board

Six girls between ten and fourteen years old were admitted to a local
hospital in the Tolima department after having played with a ouija

The girls, all from the village of Buenavista, were taken to the Rafael Gutierrez hospital in San Juan del Valle after having played the Parker Brothers board game that is used to summon spirits, but according to some can summon demons.

Hospital psychologist Maritza Guzmán told Caracol Radio Saturday that, even though the girls were free of physical symptoms, tests had proven the girls were suffering psychological disorders when being admitted.

All girls were sent home after being examined, but continue to be under supervision of the hospital’s psychology staff.

The families of the ouija-playing girls asked the local priest to conduct a serious of prayers for the girls.

Teenage girls are regularly reported victims of the ouija board in Colombia, see here, here, here and here.


According to, toy company Hasbro recently released a pink Ouija board, especially for girls.

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