Morales: Colombia safe from US attack

The Bolivian President Evo Morales on Monday said that Colombia and Peru are safe from Washington-backed coups because they are allied with the U.S., reports EPA.

“Now in this new millennium, history is repeating itself. I am convinced that the United States will not attack Colombia or Peru because we know of what tendencies their presidents and governments are,” said the Bolivian president.

In a ceremony in the north of Bolivia, Morales said that in the past, the United States has only supported coup-d’etats against leftist Latin American governments that try “to recuperate their natural resources.”

Morales accused the United States of promoting coup-d’etats in Venezuela in 2002, in Bolivia 2008, in Honduras 2009, and in Ecuador in September. The Bolivian president and his Venezuelan counterpart, Hugo Chavez, have accused the U.S. of being behind the unrest in Ecuador on September 30, in which violent protests kept President Correa trapped in a hospital for several hours.

The U.S. administration of Barack Obama has firmly rejected this accusation.

Morales will travel Tuesday to Ecuador to show his support for democracy in that country.

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