Monteria monkey drives locals crazy

A monkey has been roaming the center of Monteria for two months and has
been up to no good. Residents and retailers of Cordoba`s capital saythe furry animal has damaged cables and left the area without telephone service and electricity.

Inhabitants of the city center told Radio Caracol that the monkey roams the streets at night and in the early morning hours and activates the security alarms of Porfirio Yánez’ winery. “The security alarms have rung so often that the authorities don’t respond anymore,” the merchant said.

Firefighters, volunteers, city officials and the police, all have tried to capture the monkey but so far without any luck.

The unwelcomed visitor is one of the last wild animals that live in the Lineal Ronda del Sinú park near to the city center. The residents want the monkey caught and be expelled from the city.

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