Jailed beauty queen ‘victim of extortion’

The mother of beauty queen-turned-“druglord” Angie Sanclemente claims that she and her daughter are victims of extortion, stating “now more than ever, we fear for our lives.”

Without specifying who was behind the extortion attempts, Janeth Valencia Alfonso placed blame on the judge in the case, arguing that following a June 18 Argentine court decision to seize the model’s $3.3 million in assets in Mexico, “the whole world now thinks we are millionaires.” Alfonso had been critical of the decision before, stating that neither she nor her daughter have enough resources.

The Colombian Consulate in Argentina and the Association of Colombian Women are helping the family with clothes and food.

Sanclemente was recently transferred to a new prison after she was threatened and attacked by other inmates.

According to Alfonso, her daughter is severely depressed, “I fear for the life of my daughter. She confessed to me that less than a month ago she was contemplating suicide, and had found a method to kill herself, but thank God nothing happened.”

The Court of Appeals recently rejected a request for Sanclemente’s release, the third time the Argentine court system has denied her release. “Angie seems to be doomed before the trial” Alfonso stated.

Sanclemente was arrested in Buenos Aires in May, and accused of running a trafficking scheme where beautiful young women would take flights to various locations carrying large amounts of cocaine. The operation was exposed when one of her “angels” was caught with 55kg of the drug in her suitcase at the Buenos Aires airport.

Sanclemente continues to maintain her innocence, claiming that she was set up by relatives of her Argentine boyfriend.

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