Mockus ‘leaves doors open’ to alliances with all parties

Colombian presidential candidate Antanas Mockus said Tuesday that he “leaves the doors open to all parties” to make a second round presidential election alliance with the Green Party.

“We want to win, but not at any cost, we want to govern but not just in whichever way,” Mockus stated in a press release, adding that he recognized the qualities of unsuccessful first round presidential candidates Noemi Sanin, Gustavo Petro, Rafael Pardo and Germán Vargas Lleras.

Mockus added in the statement that his rival second round candidate Juan Manuel Santos “is supporting a class of politics whose behavior has weakened trust in institutions.”

The former Bogota mayor said that the Colombian public was faced with “two very distinct options” when they head to the polls on June 20 for the scheduled second round presidential election race between Mockus and “Uribista” Santos.

“Colombians will choose next June 20 between two paths: the continuity of results without caring about the means… or results without sacrificing ethical principle or legality,” Mokcus said.

Given that no candidate received the majority vote needed to win the first round election outright, the two most popular candidates, Santos and Mockus, will now face-off in a second round election scheduled for June 20.

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