Mockus: I would not vote for Santos

Colombian Green Party presidential candidate Antanas Mockus said on Friday that while he thinks the other candidates are good, he would definitely not vote for Partido de la U’s Juan Manuel Santos, reports W Radio.

Responding to the question of who would be the only candidate he would not vote for, Mockus identified his “Uribista” opponent in the presidential race, Santos.

“I think all of the candidates are good,” Mockus said, adding that he would “not be scared” if any of them won the election, but that he “would not vote for Doctor Santos.”

Mockus and Santos are locked in a dead heat as they go into the election this Sunday.

Mockus went on to strike down fears that he would not be firm enough with leftist guerrilla group the FARC.

“That the FARC must be defeated by sunflowers and mimes,” Mockus countered, “is an exaggeration, I have never said that … If I had said that, I would never have helped finance two high mountain battalions [of soldiers to fight the FARC] when I was mayor [of Bogota].”

Mockus went on to state that “the FARC must be pressured. There is a clear rejection of them and their kidnappings.”

Mockus also reiterated his support for a U.S. military presence in Colombia to help fight narco-traffickers, saying, “I agree with the presence of the North American soldiers in [Colombian] bases.”

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