“Miss Colombia is more than a pretty face and a sexy body”

Colombian newspaper El Espectador spoke to Miss Colombia, who’s currently in Vietnam awaiting the July 14 Miss Universe contest.How have you been doing, wearing the crown?

Knowing that you take responsibility to be ambassador, not just of beauty, but of an enitre country, is very special.

Will you return to teaching salsa classes after Miss Universe?

I don’t know, it’s too early to tell.

What’s the worst question they could ask a candidate?

You shouldn’t consider a question as bad, just answer it well.

What’s your favorite food?

The Vietnamese food.

Were you forced to lose some kilos?

No, I’ve always been the same weight.

You love the North American Culture, what do you like about Colombian culture?

Everything, but the values we are taught at home are the best thing about Colombia.

What’s this about beauty queens being approached to whitewash money for drug trafficking?

I am not aware of that. I am the Colombian beauty queen and I haven’t been linked to any negative theme yet.

What queen do you admire?

The queen in my house, my sister Sofia

What’s the most torturing about the preparation of the competition?

Nothing. Everything has been personal growth, especially as a woman

Taliana Vargas will compete against the other misses on July 14th in Vietnam.

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