Soccer player accused of threatening ex-mistress

A woman who says she had an affair for two years with Colombia soccer player Mayer Candelo filed a complaint alleging that Candelo hired men to send her death threats, according to local media reports.

Carolina Ramirez has also accused Candelo, the captain of Bogota’s Millonarios, of extortion, forgery, fraud and falsifying documents.

The soccer player, who also played for Universidad de Chile, Universitario de Deportes, Juan Aurich and Cesar Vallejo, gave a prepared statement Wednesday about the charges, in which he says he is “the victim in the situation.”

In the statement, he says that the pair had a business partnership, in which Ramirez made some “bad moves” and lost money.  He says that he has tried to reclaim his money legally.

“At no time did I com from way outside the law with her,” he said. “And I reject catagorically any use of violence or illegal acts. That’s not my style nor my ways.”

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