Military tribunal receives evidence extrajudicial executions

Colombia’s prosecution sent the first files about military suspects
of the disappearance and murder of people from the south of Bogotá and
the town of Soacha to the country’s Military Penal Court.

A military source told Caracol Radio the prosecution already presented two possible suspects to the court who they think be responsible are for several of the eleven disappeared and murdered civilians.

A military judge will decide if there is enough evidence to charge the suspects.

The army says it is collaborating with the Prosecution and handing over whatever files they are asked for.

The Colombian army is suspected of having kidnapped and murdered several dozens of people in Colombia. After the news broke of possible military involvement in the extrajudicial killing, Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos immediately announced an internal investigation.

Human rights NGOs have regularly accused the Colombian military of murdering civilians to appear more effective in their fight against left wing guerrillas and right wing paramilitaries.

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