Military opens offensive against FARC’s 49th front

Colombian armed forces started an offensive attack against the FARC‘s 49th
front in the Caqueta department, newspaper El Espectador reported

During the military operation, the army says it discovered an abandoned camp of the FARC’s 49th front that’s lead by Wilson Peña Maje, alias ‘Mojoso’. The army seized 5100 bullets of different calibers, four AK-47 automatic rifles, 50 meters of duplex cable and dry food for 15 days

‘Mojoso’ is a member of Colombia’s largest and oldest rebel group the FARC since 1986. The guerrilla has an arrest warrant for crimes of rebellion, murder, prison escape, conspiracy to commit a crime, illegal possession of weapons, theft, extortion and kidnapping.

Peña Maje is responsible for several massacres and attacks, among them the 2004 attack against security forces in Villalobos and Santa Rosa in the Cauca and Putumayo department where 13 soldiers were killed.

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