Members of Andean Parliament robbed in Bogota

Representatives from Latin American and Caribbean nations attending the Colombian chapter of the Parliamentary Front Against Hunger at the headquarters of the Andean Parliament in Bogota had their belongings stolen Tuesday when they stepped out for coffee reported Caracol Radio.

A senator from Paraguay, Ana María Mendoza, was reportedly surprised and bothered that no one warned the group that they couldn’t leave their computers behind while they took a break.

Upon returning from the coffee break, representatives found their computers, wallets, passports and other belongings had been stolen.

Victims of the theft say that the Andean Parliment should assume responsibility for the stolen items and repay the conference attendees what they say amounts to around $6,000 in lost property.

The Andean Parliament is the legislative branch of the Andean Community, a trading bloc composed of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia. Venezuela was a member until 2006. The parliament was set up in 1979, and is composed of twenty representatives, four from each member state.

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