Medellin’s new kind of sex tourism, ‘immersion’

Austen Summers having imaginary oral sex (Image: YouTube)

One of the downsides of Medellin’s increase in tourism is the increase in sex tourism, an evolving industry that now includes an “immersion program” to teach visitors how to get laid.

The program is run by “dating coach” Austen Summers whose theoretic element of the program, according to his promotion video, includes an abundance of advice on how to have sex.

If your anxiety level is super high, you’re not going to be able to be super aroused when you’re with a girl. You need to beat that anxiety down, let that arousal come up, start using some more statement of intent, and then you’ll have more dick behind what you’re saying.

Austen Summers

The “field practice” element of the “picking up girls” program includes apparent street harassment, grabbing women’s breasts and allegedly getting removed from a college campus after trying to recruit women for a hotel party.

While being a misogynist is legal in Colombia to the point of abuse, it is unclear whether Summers’ program on how to pick up girls and “achieve results” is.

Colombia Reports reached out to the “dating coach” to verify if Summers had the appropriate visa papers to carry out his controversial commercial activity, but was unable to get a response.

Update (July 31)

Summers has stopped advertising his sex tourism program and ended all online activity in Medellin expat groups where he was promoting his “immersion” program. YouTube appears to have taken down his video. The “dating coach” appears to be back in Toronto.

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