Medellín won’t see reinforcements until end of year

The National Police announced that the 1000 police reinforcements
requested by the Medellín mayor’s office will not arrive until November at the
earliest. However 350 agents of the Judicial Police will arrive within
the next few days.

National Police Chief Oscar Naranjo said the reinforcements required to increase security in Medellín would not arrive until the end of the year because the desired patrols had not yet graduated. He said it was not possible to push forward their graduation because their salaries had not yet been negotiated.

Naranjo confirmed a group of 350 Judicial Police would be dispatched to Medellín and added he would try to secure a further 250 agents until the 1000 arrive “sometime between November and December”.

The increased police presence in Medellín is in response to the escalating violence between rival drug trafficking gangs in the

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