Medellín prosecution again under fire

Medellín’s prosecution is not quite done with the suspicions of
criminal infiltration. After the resignation of its director, one of
its former prosecutors is accused of having done favors for
paramilitary boss Ever ‘HH’ Veloza.

According to his successor in Medellín, Mario Nicolás Cadavid Botero received thousands of euros of the demobilized warlord to make sure property of ‘HH’ wouldn’t end up on the ‘Justice and Peace’ list of properties to be sold for reparation of paramilitary violence.

Botero denies all accusations and calls on Justice to start an official investigation so he can have his name cleared.

Botero was sent to the southern city of Pasto after the news broke of the corruption inside Medellín’s Prosecution and Police. The scandal led to the resignation of both the local chief of police and the highest boss of the Prosecution (and brother of the Justice Minister) Guillermo valencia Cossio.

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