Medellin opens new hotels to prepare for tourism surge

In anticipation of the Colombia Fashion Fair, the U-20 World Cup, and the Flower Festival, Medellin is expanding it luxury accommodations.

The city currently has a total of 206 hotels registered with the National Tourism Registry, reported El Colombiano Friday.

According to the Medellin Convention & Visitors Bureau, 80 of these hotels have three, four and five-star ratings.

Medellin hotels are becoming increasingly modern and functional, incorporating facilities like VIP lounges and business centers.

The latest newcomer to the Medellin’s hotel scene is the ultra-contemporary Hotel Trype, located just across the street from the Atanasio Giradot Stadium, where the Under-20 World Cup Medellin games will commence in late July.

Despite the recent growth in the number of Medellin hotels, occupancy has declined significantly. According to statistics released by the city of Medellin last week, hotel occupancy has fallen 13.5% from the same time a year ago.

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