Medellin mayor opens metro-cable extension

Medellin mayor Alonzo Salazar on Tuesday officially opened the new metro-cable line L from the Santo Domingo neighborhood, over the mountain to Arvi Park.

Salazar was one of the first to enter the cable cars that take passengers to forests east of Colombia’s second largest city.

The city’s existing metrocable lines were intended to connect the inhabitants of the Medellin’s poorest neighborhoods to the rest of the city, but became highly popular among tourists because of their spectacular view over the valley.

Line L was built mainly for touristic reasons as Park Arvi, now at the end of the metro line, offers numerous tourist attraction like horseback riding, visits to traditional flower growers and guided hiking tours.

“The only thing we ask is that visitors do not pick moss or plants from the woods because this is a treasure we must leave for our children and grandchildren,” the mayor said.

The 14-minute ride to the natural park costs COP2,500 for tourists.

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