Medellin mayor accused of interfering in local elections

Medellin Mayor Alonso Salazar was accused Tuesday of slandering one of the city’s mayoral candidates in order to influence elections.

According to Colombia’s Inspector General, Salazar delivered pictures and statements to the media that had “no other purpose than to influence the activities of the candidates, to affect their image, and to turn electorate opinion against them,” radio station Caracol Radio reported.

Salazar had questioned current Medellin Mayor Luis Carlos Perez’s alleged links to criminal groups by releasing what the according to the Inspector General called “embarrassing pictures” and “felonious statements.”

If the Inspector General’s allegations prove to be true, Salazar would be in violation of the electoral law, which prohibits officials during elections from distributing propaganda for or against any party through print, official television stations, or public radio.

Salazar’s hearing takes place November 3 and 4, three days after the local elections and less than two months before leaving office.

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