Medellin funeral home opens ghost census

Funeraria Betancur, a funeral home in Medellin, has counted 215 ghosts in the Colombian city.

The funeral home has been around since 1912 and many of their customers have asked about ghosts. “We’ve all heard stories of ghosts throughout life,” says director William Betancur, “Many of the funeral home customers have told us their stories and … we saw that the ghosts were very important in terms of recovery historical and cultural heritage.”

Betancur explains that people call or email his funeral home to report a haunting and he then collects evidence to verify the presence of a ghost.

The director classifies hauntings into three categories: luminous events (balls of light flashes), audible events (footsteps, moans, voices), and visual demonstrations. He claims to have recorded 23 visual demonstrations.

The funeral director stresses that ghost appearances can speak about the history of the Antioquia department.

Funeria Betancur provides a number of distinct services for its customers. The funeral home provides services for pets and has also sent someone’s ashes into orbit. “We sent some ashes to whirl in orbit around the Earth for a couple of years, but we are still waiting to send the first Colombian to the moon,” jokes Betancur.

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