Master of Colombian radio dies at 92

Bernardo Tobon de la Roche, the founder and owner of the Colombian radio chain Todelar, passed away Monday in Cali, various media reported.

Tobon’s death was due to cardiac and respiratory failures, according to the newspaper El Colombiano.

His son, Bernardo Tobon Junior, confirmed the death on his Twitter, adding that his father’s funeral will be held on Wednesday.

Tobon, who was born on April 19, 1919 in Rio Negro, Antioquia, founded Todelar Radio in 1953.

By the time of Tobon’s death, Todelar comprised of 35 stations across the country.

The Todelar news director described the late radio pioneer to RCN radio as a warm, kind and admirable person, not only in his handling of radio and directing of the Todelar chain, but also in his relationships with people.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos joined the nationwide mourning, tweeting: “I deeply regret the death of Bernando Tobon de la Roche. A great man for radio in Colombia. My condolences to his family.”

Vice President Angelino Garzon also gave his condolences via Twitter, expressing “feelings of pain to his family and workers at the Todelar chain. Peace be in his grave.”

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