Loeb only wants Sofia Vergara’s cash: Concerned family

The family of Colombian actress and professional MILF Sofia Vergara stressed that they are worried her fiance, Nick Loeb, is only after her for her money, local media reported Thursday.

“She has no idea how Nick is trying to take control of her career and her finances. More like an ATM than his future wife. And the problem is that Sofia is a very confident and passionate woman, is blindly in love and can not imagine the real intentions of her man. Marrying her fiancé will be the biggest mistake of her life,”a source told The National Enquirer.

The claim grew as ”Svengali?like” lover Loeb began firing key members of her management and even took it upon himself to fire her maid.

No stranger to controversy, it’s not just paranoid in laws that Loeb had to fight off after he was accused, also by The National Enquirer, of being a sex addict taking part in “multiplepartnered cocainefueled orgys” following a statement made by one lucky prostitute who claimed she took part in some of his sex parties.

Vergara has never fully come to her lovers defense over various claims and still found time to sign a prenuptial agreement despite saying “I love being in love” and that it is “the perfect time to get married.”

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