Landslide hits Manizales slum; at least 2 killed

(Photo: La Patria)

A landslide that hit the slums of the western Colombian city of Manizales killed at least two people on Friday.

According to local rescue workers, the landslide occurred early Friday morning after hours of heavy rain.

The victims were inhabitants of six homes in the northern La Avanzada neighborhood that were buried as a result of the landslide.

Initially, local authorities feared for the lives of six people, but were able to lower that number after four missing persons were located.

Local fire department chief Mayor Carlos Alberto Marin told Caracol Radio that the road connecting the capital Bogota to Manizales was blocked because of the rains and landslides.

Landslides in common in the mountainous areas of Colombia during rainy season. The second rainy season of this year is expected to last until mid December.

La Avanzada, Manizales


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