‘Monster of Mariquita’ DNA test declared illegal

A Judicial Attorney ruled that the DNA test proving that the ‘Monster
of Mariquita’ is the biological father of a woman he is accused of
raping and fathering eight children with, was illegally obtained.

A report released Monday by the Colombian Institute of
Legal Medicine
, confirmed that the 68-year-old farmer Arcebio Alvarez is indeed the father of Alba Nidia Alvarez. She came forward
with the shocking allegations last month after accusing him of abusing
the children.

The Judicial Attorney, responsible for ensuring that cases are legally conducted, ruled the DNA test to be illegal due to a processing error. He said the Prosecutor General had not obtained the permission required to conduct the test, thereby violating the accused’s rights and rendering the test invalid.

Prosecution of the case has been postponed indefinitely until the legality of the DNA test is approved or a new test ordered.

Alvarez’s lawyer indicated that the accused may seek to pay a fine as punishment for the crime, in place of a prison sentence.

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