Juanes is NOT the father of my child: Johana Bahamon

Rumors that Colombian singer Juanes is the father of Johana Bahamon’s child have rapidly been quashed by the model and her partner, reported Radio Santa Fe.

Bahamon released an angry statement on Thursday, denying the rumor and stating that her partner Andres Cabas is the biological father of her child.

“This is abuse of a minor without reason,” said the statement, “I hope that your children never have to go through this humiliation with these abhorrent lies … I demand respect for our son and I ask the public to reject this subject for the rights of children who are violated by unscrupulous journalists who should end up in prison.”

The couple are reportedly considering filing a lawsuit against the U.S. publication that originally published the rumor.

“I demand that the journalist who published this show their evidence or we will file a criminal complaint against them, which will carry to the end,” said the model.

This follows reports by magazine Tv y Novelas, who said that Bahamon would not authorize a paternity test for her child and suggested that this was because he was fathered by singer Juanes.

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