JJ Rendon to sue Green Party president

Venezuelan publicist J.J. Rendon plans to file a libel lawsuit against Green Party President Luis “Lucho” Eduardo Garzon, Rendon’s attorney announced Monday.

Garzon said in an interview with Semana magazine that Rendon, who advised Santos’ presidential campaign, carried out a smear campaign against the Greens, and that “with him, Colombia gained in cynicism.”

Rendon has “a PhD in rumor-ology”, the politician said, “In the Green Party, we are not used to this and we dream about politics with dignity again. I wish the authors of the rumours were brave enough to sign them.”

“Some want to undermine the enormous confidence that we have earned. That is why there are fictitious debates, such as the one without reason about Sergio Fajardo having received money from the party … Or as they tried to do by putting posters against me in the center of Bogota, and criticizing the mayorship of [former Bogota Mayor Enrique] Peñalosa,” he added.

According to RCN Radio, the spin doctor’s defense attorney Abelardo de la Espriella said “Rendon does not care at all about a party that is self-destructing.”

When asked in the Semana interview about the future of the Green Party, which has been little-covered in the Colombian media since the failure of the much-publicized “Green Wave” to win the 2010 presidential election, Garzon said “today we have the tranquility of a lake, but we will return to the waves of the sea.”

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