Jessica Cediel promotes plastic surgery law

Colombian model and TV host Jessica Cediel is promoting a new law that will regulate plastic surgery practices after a botched surgery in October left her backside “swollen, with black marks.”

Cediel will join Senator Juan Lozano Ramirez Friday in the House of Representatives to present the proposed reform that seeks to establish measures regulating the proper use of medicine and supplies during surgical procedures.

The Colombian heartthrob sued her surgeon, Martin Carrillo for $228,000 in March for injecting a cheap biopolymer substance into her posterior during a butt-lift despite her requests for the more expensive hyaluronic acid.

Carrillo has denied any wrongdoing in the procedure.

The lawsuit “is not an economic issue, but we want the Prosecutor to continue with the investigation and to prove [Carrillo’s] innocence at trial,” added Gonzalez.

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