Itagui Park

Itagui Park can be described as both the geographical and cultural heart of Medellin’s southwestern neighbor, Itagui, and has become a lot more attractive after a recent renovation project.

The park, or square depending on how many trees you expect, is a quick ten minute walk up a half dozen blocks west of the Itagui metro station or an even quicker ride on one of the continuous stream of buses labeled “Parque Itagui.”

The city’s principle park received a portion of the $14 million Itagui’s government allocated to improve parks last year in a beautification project intended also to increase the park’s security, particularly during the nighttime hours.

The park is now an attractive and clean public space in Itagui’s city center complete with palm trees, flower gardens, a picturesque Antioquian church at its eastern end and a statue of northern South America’s greatest historical hero, Simon Bolivar on the other. The statue is surrounded by a timed water fountain that is both eye catching and powerful, ready to sprinkle those who wish to sit too close with a refreshing mist.

In many ways Itagui Park is a model of Colombia’s third smallest municipality, bustling with foot traffic and those who wish to relax, surrounded by characteristic Paisa bars and restaurants.  Hundreds of people enjoy themselves in a relatively small area much as the nearly quarter million Itaguians make their lives in the condensed city.

The city’s new park beautification projects have paralleled reductions in violence and crime in a city proud of its recent improvements.

Itagui Park


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