Isaza not allowed to leave Colombia

‘Isaza’, the FARC guerrilla that helped Oscar Tulio Lizcano escape
captivity, is not allowed to leave Colombia, because the crimes he is
suspected of are crimes against humanity and can’t be made a misdemeanor, Prosecutor General Mario Iguarán said.

The Colombian
government wants to reward the guerrilla with money and a ticket to
France for his desertion. According to earlier reports by newspaper El Tiempo, Wilson ‘Isaza’ Bueno Largo would fly to France with Ingrid Betancourt Monday.

But Isaza will have to wait for a prosecutor to wave the deserted
guerrilla’s responsibility for rebellion and kidnapping, Iguarán told
Noticias Uno.

Isaza’s former hostage, Oscar Tulio Lizcano had been lobbying the release of his former captor. Both the Colombian government, that had been advertising the possibility to go to France for any guerrilla who demobilizes and surrenders their hostages, and the government of France support the exile.

According to commander of the Colombian Armed Forces, Freddy Padilla, the Prosecutor General’s stance is harming the credibility of the government’s promise to guerrillas that they’ll be rewarded for their desertion and the surrender of their hostages.

The FARC is suspected to hold 700 of Colombia’s approximately 2800 hostages captive. Most of these hostages only are held for the extortion of their families.

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