International sailing tour comes to Cartagena

Thousands of sailors from around the world will visit Colombia’s coastal city of Cartagena when the “Sail Cartagena de Indias 2010” festival docks in the steamy Caribbean port from May 19 to 23 this year.

The event, which is part of a larger tour called “Sail South America 2010,” is a journey of almost three months which takes sailors from Uruguay all the way to Colombia, to commemorate 200 years of independence for Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia.

The event’s aim is to strengthen friendship between participating nations and provide the opportunity for foreign crew members and visitors to enjoy the city’s attractions.

The event will host crews from Colombia, Spain, the United States, the Netherlands, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, France, and the Dominican Republic.

For more information on the festival click here.

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