Colombia asks Interpol for arrest warrant for fugitive Uribe aide

Colombian authorities have submitted a request to Interpol for an international arrest warrant for fugitive former Peace Commissioner Luis Carlos Restrepo, reported Colombian media Monday.

Interpol told Colombia Reports it was unable to confirm the request for a so-called red notice made by a Bogota judge Saturday.

Colombian media reported that the judge submitted the international request for Restrepo‘s arrest after ruling that the former peace commissioner must await trial in jail.

In a statement during Restrepo’s bail hearing last week, the judge said, “In the opinion of this office there is evidence that enables us to infer that the accused participated in the events under investigation.”

The decision over whether to issue an international arrest warrant for the ex-peace commissioner rests with the General Secretary of Interpol. A positive verdict would confirm Restrepo as an internationally wanted criminal and hamper his attempts to find political asylum overseas.

According to a statement released by his lawyer, also repeated by his close associate Colombian ex-President Alvaro Uribe on the television show “La Noche,” Restrepo is currently being protected by an unnamed country.

Restrepo was a key member of the Uribe government during the controversial peace process with the AUC paramilitary organization and has been charged for his alleged role in the fake demobilization of the non-existent “Cacica Gaitana” FARC front.

The former peace commissioner faces charges of obstruction of justice, embezzlement, trafficking and the possession and manufacturing of weapons, all of which the defense strongly denied.

Luis Carlos Restrepo fled Colombia purportedly for the United States on 8 January 2012, two days prior to his hearing before the Attorney General in Bogota.

In accordance with Interpol policy, a time frame for processing a red notice request could not be provided.

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