Infighting within Medellin crime syndicate spurred massacre, reports El Tiempo

Infighting within Medellin crime syndicate “Oficina de Envigado” has led to a massacre killing nine, including three reputed crime lords just outside of Colombia’s second largest city, reported newspaper El Tiempo Wednesday.

According to the daily, authorities believe the murders in an Envigado estate earlier in the week were committed by those invited to stay together with the three notorious capos to discuss the future of the criminal organization following last year’s arrest of their leader “Sebastian.”

Medellin police are investigating whether the massacre was carried out by people who enjoyed the trust of the murdered crime bosses. Evidence suggested that there had been no firefight, guns with silencers were used, and some of the victims were killed in their sleep.

Yesid Vasquez, head of the Metropolitan Police in Medellin, confirmed that Jorge Mario Perez Marin, “El Mosco,” and “El Panadero,” were the three mob bosses killed.

After the arrest of leaders “Valenciano” and “Sebastian” of the Oficina last year, El Morro, a former paramilitary fighter with a long career in Medellin’s underworld, was one of the remaining kingpins to lead the group.

Vasquez told the newspaper that the bosses were negotiating ranks in the organization before the massacre occurred. “Nobody wants to be subordinate to anyone,” said the police commander.

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