Indigenous leader and mother assassinated

Unknown men killed a Nariño indigenous governor and his mother, Nariño
authorities announced Wedneday, a day before thousands of indigenous
plan to arrive in Bogotá to protest against government policies and
demand protection from paramilitary groups that already have
assassinated numerous indigenous leaders.

The 22-year old Jackson Pai García was one of the leaders of the Awáque tribe in Nariño and had been victim of violence several times over the past few months already.

Last Sunday armed men shot the indigenous leader and his mother at his home.

Indigenous tribes in the south east of Colombia have reported deaths of more than ten of their leaders over the past few months. They say their people are continuously being threatened by right wing paramilitary forces.

Ten thousand indigenous anti-government protesters are expected to arrive in Bogotá Thursday. They demand protection from violence like occurred in Nariño, better health care and education, the nullification of the FTA and respect for the indigenous culture and autonomy.

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