Arias: I will support winner of Conservative primary

Conservative pre-presidential candidate Andres Felipe Arias told W Radio Tuesday he will accept the results of his party’s primary election and will support the candidate winner.

“I will abide by the outcome of the vote, even if I lose by one vote … If I lose by one vote I won’t sue and I won’t dispute the vote and I will support the person running for the presidency,” the former agriculture minister said.

Arias said that the Conservative Party has a good chance of to getting to the Casa de Nariño, Colombia’s presidential residence, which shouldn’t be wasted by divisions within the party.

“Uribito” or little Uribe, as he has been nicknamed in the Colombian media, has changed his tune since Monday, when he challenged the vote’s legitimacy, due to the delay in vote counting by Colombia’s electoral commission.

“We feel our good faith has been taken advantage of,” Arias said Monday, adding that his campaign felt “cheated” by the electoral commission, which has called for a recount of the primary because not all the votes were counted by the deadline of 11 PM Sunday.

Representatives from the Organization of American States (OEA) will also be present to observe the recount.

Conservatives had feared that the controversy would cause a rift within the party. But following Arias’ comments Tuesday, it appears he will support his competitor Noemi Sanin, if she is victorious in the recount and gains the party’s presidential candidacy.

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