I will not join Santos government: Petro

Gustavo Petro, former presidential candidate for the Polo Democratico party, said that although he had met with President-elect Juan Manuel Santos he does not plan to join the incoming government.

In an interview with W Radio on Friday, Petro said that the meeting was held to discuss “strategic” topics, such as land reform, regulation of water to ensure universal access, and reparations for victims of violence – subjects that he thinks must be “included in national discussion.”

The former candidate said after the meeting that he does not plan to join Santos’ government, as he does not believe in the plan for national unity proposed by the president-elect. However, Petro added that “this does not mean that we cannot discuss strategic subjects such as these.”

Petro made a call to his party to “accept the new political reality” of Colombia.

On Wednesday the ex-candidate sent a letter to President-elect Juan Manuel Santos seeking common ground on several issues.

Petro warned, however, that he would not lose his “independence” in any deal reached with Santos, and said he initiated the discussion to help “build a stable democracy.”

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