Hundreds participate in Medellin’s ‘No Pants Day’

'No Pants Day' (Photo: Diario ADN)

Hundreds of people marched through Medellin in nothing but their underwear on Sunday as a demonstration to promote free expression.

Photos of the marchers wearing their Sunday best have since made the rounds on social media.

Colombia’s second largest city was one of  60 urban centers across 25 countries to participate in the so-called ‘No Pants Day,’ according to the group that originally organized it. Attributed to New York City-based improvisation group “Everywhere,” No Pants Day has become something of an international event since taking off in 2012, varying from city to city between a prank and a protest.

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According to one of its local coordinators, Sebastian Garcia, the objective of the Medellin event was to highlight how “it is not how we dress but who we are that matters,” reported national media.

The march on Sunday reportedly consisted of mostly young people, with families also participating to a lesser extent. News of the Sunday’s event spread through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #sinpantalones (#nopants) trending on the day.

Those participating chanted and sung as they marched through the streets.


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