HIV cases have increased by 23% in Bogota: Health Secretary

(Photo: Tiempo)

Bogota’s Health Secretary said Wednesday that reported cases of HIV in Colombia’s capital have increased by 23% in 2013. 

According to the Health Secretary, there were 1,651 registered cases of HIV in 2013; an increase of 298 since 2012. Of the total number of people known to be infected, 325 died, reported El Espectador Wednesday. 

The immediate objective of Health Secretary Aldo Enrique Cadena is to remove barriers to HIV testing.

The secretary’s report revealed that 60% of those affected are people between 15 and 35. Additionally, Bogota contributes 40% of cases countrywide while containing less than 20% of the Colombian population.

Bogota’s Health Secretary attributed the increase of reported cases in Bogota to the increase of free HIV testing to people who are denied this service in hospitals and clinics,  and says that there are cities with greater difficulties in addressing AIDS, such as Barranquilla and Cartagena.

UNAIDS Colombia estimates that there are 150, 000 cases of HIV infection in Colombia, not including those who haven’t been tested.

MORE: 100 thousand Colombians unknowingly carry HIV virus

HIV Global fund will be investing close to $25 million over the next 3 years to help tackle the HIV epidemic in vulnerable communities, including Bogota.

The project will prioritize work among populations of  gay men, homeless people, transexuals, woman sex workers, and those living with HIV/AIDS.


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