Hip hop festival comes to Bogota

The 14th Annual Hip Hop in the Park will be held October 9-10 in Bogota’s Simon Bolivar Park.

The weekend-long music festival will feature hip hop artists, DJs, graffiti artists, MCs, and break dance crews from Colombia and around the world. According to the festival’s website, it is a chance for international and local groups to meet in workshops and presentations and to share their art with the public. It is also a chance for diverse social groups to come together around hip hop, the site says.

Participating international groups include Naughty by Nature from the United States, Los Aldeanos from Cuba, and 79 from Puerto Rico.

Hip Hop in the Park is considered to be one of the most important hip hop festivals in Latin America, and drew more than 80,000 attendees in 2008. It is organized by the Secretary of Culture, Recreation and Sports, and the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra.

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