Guerrillas recieved 500 foreigners as guests in Colombia

Recently three Mexicans were killed during the raid on a FARC camp in Ecuador. One Mexican student, Lucía Andrea Morett Álvarez, was wounded and captured by the Colombian army that day. Last year the Colombian Army found a diary and footage of dutch student Tanja Nijmeijer, who had been serving in the jungle for years already.Reports from the Colombian army, the police and Colombia’s secret service (DAS) say that the leftist guerrillas have enrolled not only Latin-Americans, but also Europeans from Ireland, Denmark and Sweden and even a Chinese woman.The rebels do not only recieve support from the foreigners. The FARC is known to sponsor students of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Latin America’s largest university, “as long as their ideological platform is bound in dozens of book abailable in UNAM libraries” a Colombian graduate of the university says in the newspaper.The FARC also organizes seminars in foreign universities and get followers to finance trips to leftist conferences in Cuba, Ecuador and Venezuela. The three Mexican students killed during the raid on the camp of FARC leader Raúl Reyes had all attended one of those conferences in Ecuador, only days before their death.

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