Army claims finding major FARC weapons cache

(Photo: El Tiempo)

The Colombian army on Monday claimed to have seized more than 400 kilograms of explosives of rebel group FARC during operations in the central south of the country.

According to the army, the FARC was going to use the explosive material for manufacturing of 800 anti-personnel mines, according to local media.

Information provided by deserters of the 17th front of FARC, enabled the army to locate two caches with more than 200 kilos of ANFO explosive, ammunition and mortar grenades.

The military operation was concentrated in Rio Blanco, Huila, in the central south of Colombia.

The army reported that the explosives would be used by FARC to build approximately 800 antipersonnel mines.

The troops additionally found 1374 rifle cartridges and 33 mortar grenades.

According to the former guerrilla members, the FARC leaders ordered militants to manufacture and install the highest number of explosive devices in order to target army units in the area.

The explosive material was destroyed.


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