Government to re-evaluate social stratification system

The Colombian National Statistics Department (DANE) will conduct a study to determine changes in socio-economic conditions in urban centers around the country as part of a government plan to make adjustments to the stratification system.

In Colombia social and economic status are divided into six levels, with levels 5 and 6 representing the upper class. These levels determine the amount Colombians pay for property taxes, utilities, and other public services.

The DANE study will seek to identify socio-economic shifts in Colombia and the government will use this data to carry out a restructuring of the stratification system.

Planning Director Esteban Piedrahita said that DANE hoped to have some of the data ready by December.

Piedrahita said the DANE study will evualate property costs, the quality of residences, public services and will try to group housing into six social strata.

The Director called a suggestion to add another level to Bogota’s stratification “exotic” and said he did not think the initiative was a good idea, Caracol Radio reported.

Some members of Bogota’s planning committee suggested the creation of a socio-economic level 7 so that people who own expensive property pay the proper taxes.

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