Government looking for ways to pardon ‘Isaza’

The Colombian Government will talk to the country’s Prosecution and
Attorney General to look for legal ways to pardon ‘Isaza’, the guerrilla that
helped hostage Oscar Lizcano to escape.

Under Colombian criminal law, ‘Isaza’ would be guilty of rebellion and being part of a criminal organization and technically should be brought to justice.

The government is now looking for ways to avoid a trial and be able to reward the demobilized guerrilla as promised.

The Government Monday promised the guerrilla would receive asylum in France and a nearly half a million dollar reward.

‘Isaza’ himself publicly called on his former comrades to follow his example, demobilize and hand over their hostages.

The demobilized guerrilla and former lawmaker Lizcano were found bythe Colombian army in Chocó after having fled the FARC camp they were in.

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