Global economic crisis will not affect coffee growers: Federation

The global economic crisis will not affect coffee growers said the head of Colombia’s National Federation of Coffee Growers, Caracol Radio reported Tuesday.

Luis Muñoz said the economic crisis affecting the world will not have a mayor effect on Colombian coffee cultivation but did say that coffee growers are facing tough times trying to avoid the effects of climate change.

Muñoz went on to say that in the U.S. coffee consumption has not increased or decreased, kept steady by the arrival of young consumers.  On the other hand in Europe consumption is growing at a steady pace especially in Russia and they have been able to conquer markets in China, Korea and Japan.

The head of the coffee association said that July and August are very difficult months for coffee production with low output as a result of the lack of flowering crops due to the winter rains in the first half of the year. However he added that 600,000 more bags of coffee would be collected than in 2010 by then end of this coffee year which ends September 30.

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