Colombia to feature Gabriel Garcia Marquez on peso bills

Gabriel García Márquez (Photo: El Heraldo)

Colombia’s Congress approved the plan to include the image of Gabriel Garcia Marquez in the coming emissions of Colombian money.

In the third reading, Colombian legislators have passed the bill that will allow the next issues of notes and coins made by ​​the Colombian Central Bank include the image of the Nobel Prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez, reported news agency Colprensa.

After complete ratification of the legal text, the Ministries of Education, Culture and Information Technology as well as of Communications will be responsible for the creation of state policy to promote the figure of ‘Gabo’ in Colombia.

Additionally, the law seeks to create programs to preserve assets and places of cultural interest.

Among the places related to the writer will be Aracataca, his birthplace, the house-museum of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the church of San Jose, Camellon de los Almendros, the Railway Station and the Telegrapher’s Office. In Barranquilla, there will be a Cultural Park of the Caribbean, sponsored by Garcia Marquez.

Legislators also consider establishment of the international center for the legacy of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It will be journalistic, cultural, academic and tourist space in Cartagena, formed in partnership with the Foundation for New Latin American Journalism (FNPI).

Finally, a scholarship program called “Establece” focused on the figure of “Gabo” as a journalist and filmmaker, will be established. It will help young people interested in journalism and filmmaking participate in the annual series of seminars and workshops offered in classrooms and online by FNPI.

Before potential implementation, the bill on promotion and development of the legacy of Garcia Marquez, is yet to be discussed by the House of Representatives.

Marquez died on April 17, 2014.


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