France asks FARC to cease terrorism

France congratulated Colombia Friday for the death of FARC guerrilla leader “Mono Jojoy,” as well as asking the group to cease violent action.

The European country urged the FARC to “abandon violence, release all hostages, stop all terrorist action and commit to a political dialogue with the government.”

A French Minister of the Exterior spokesperson added, “Now is time, after decades of violence that have touched so many victims, that Colombia find rediscover a path of peace and security.”

Dual French-Colombian citizen and former Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt was kidnapped and held for six years by the FARC before she was rescued in 2008.

Mono Jojoy was killed Wednesday by an air strike on his FARC base in the department of Meta as a part of the government’s Operation Sodom, along with more than 20 other guerrillas.

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